In this Do Hard Money review testimonial video you’ll listen to Victoria tell you in her own words how DHM made her deal possible.

Victoria had a property under contract when she lost her source of funding. She would lose the deal if a solution wasn’t found in one week. She contacted Do Hard Money to see if it was a deal that we could fund. The team at DHM worked hard to get the funding needed in place within that week and the investment moved forward.

the paperwork was pretty easy”

There were other challenges for Victoria in getting the deal done as there were zoning problems for the property as well. With effort those were resolved and then work could begin on the house. This was an extensive remodel, but the results presented in the video show that Victoria and her team did an amazing job. The house is beautiful. And the expected profit gives her a good ROI.

According to Victoria

“we may have not gotten this deal if it wasn’t for Do Hard Money”