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These are reviews in each of the states in which we currently lend. was founded to help new investors learn how to find fantastic deals, how to mitigate risk and how to profitably flip houses. With each deal funded we make a difference in our borrowers lives and the communities in which they rehab properties. And our borrowers change us as well- because we LOVE working with them and sharing in their passion and drive. The real estate deals shown here represent just a fraction of those that we fund each year.

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Check back with us often to see more reviews, testimonials and funded deals. As states change their laws and markets grow we will grow as well. We’re just getting started! is committed to working with our borrowers to help them with each step of the process. Real estate investing is an exciting way to make money and help the economy and communities as well. Improving individual homes helps to improve neighborhoods. We love watching the transformations and join in the excitement felt by first time house flippers. Contact us here at 801-692-7703 to see if we are the right lender for your real estate investing business. Sure hard money can be expensive, but missing out on even doing a deal is more expensive. Look at the total cost of a deal, how much out of pocket cash you’ll need as well as just what the points and interest are. Many times using DHM is actually less expensive than using a lender that advertises lower interest rates.