Indiana Hard Money Loan Funds Fantastic Indianapolis Flip

This lovely property in Indianapolis provided a profitable flip. Do Hard Money was able to fund 100% of the $75,000 purchase price  and also 100% of the expected rehab cost of $29,391. The borrower only had to bring less than $10,000 cash to close to realize a nice $25,000 profit.

Because we can fund a real estate flip loan for up to 70% of the After Repair Value of a property our borrowers are able to pursue their real estate investing goals with very little out of pocket cash. This deal, for example, is one that if the borrower did not have cash to cover the difference between what we could fund and the entire amount needed to complete the deal, where the borrower could use gap financing to make it possible. Sometimes borrowers forget about that option. This was a higher cash to close than many we see, but the projected profit is such that it is still a winner.

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