Ohio Hard Money Loan With Low Cash To Close

Low cash to close? How about $81? That’s right, $81.

Do Hard Money was able to provide 100% of the $27,000 purchase price. The borrower did not have to put anything down to buy the house. Then DHM also funded 100% of the rehab costs of over $36k.

Because Do Hard Money extends loans for up to 70% of the After Repair Value (ARV) on a property the purchase, rehab and most of the loan costs like interest and points were funded, and so only $81 more was needed at closing to get this deal rolling for the investor. And the expected profit of just over $28k makes it even better.

Finding a deal with numbers like this can take a lot of work, but they are out there. This one in Reynoldsburg, Ohio is a great example.

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Ohio hard money loan